SB-12 Compliance Tool

Does Your New Home Design Comply with the 2012 Ontario Building Code (SB-12)?

Windows : Wall (Area Ratio):
Heating Type:
Ceiling With Attic:
N/A ≥ R-50
Cathedral Ceilings:
N/A ≥ R-31
Exposed Floor:
N/A ≥ R-31
Walls Above Grade:
N/A R-22
Basement Walls:
Below Grade Slab 600mm:
Slab Edge:
Slab Heated:
Windows / Sliding Doors:
N/A U-2.8
Space Heating: HRV:
Combined Heating & DHW: DHW:

Your Design Complies With Packages:
Non Compliant
From OBC SB12 Table:
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Technical Resources:
  • FREE: Code Caddy software here - simplify SB-12 compliance and automate EEDS / ESNH BOP form filling (click here for an  introduction turorial);

  • Latest copy of Supplementary Standard SB-12 here. 

  • Latest version of Energy Efficiency Design Summary (EEDS) Form here;

  • EEDS FAQ here.

  • *March 15th, 2013 Update: Drain Water Heat Recovery now allowed as a substitute for certain upgrades.  See Section for details.   

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